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Efficient power conversion systems are at the heart of the worldwide effort for a green economy, since they can minimize losses and save energy. Semiconductor power devices are a central part of any power conversion circuit and are ubiquitous in our daily lives: they transform voltages for a multitude of appliances, such as from the 220V AC mains to a 12V DC end-user appliance and enable to convert from DC (such as a battery in an electric car) to AC (such as a motor drive) and vice versa. Highly efficient power switching devices are a key for successful introduction of full electric vehicles into the market.

The InRel-NPower project aims to contribute to this world-wide challenge through the development of GaN- and AlN-based power devices. We hope to aid you in your exploration of this topic through our site or at one of the international conferences and summer-schools.


Call H2020-NMBP-2016-2017
Type of action Research and Innovation action (RIA)
Acronym InRel-NPower
Grant Agreement number 720527
Duration 36 months; extended by 6 months
Start date January 1st, 2017
EU Contribution € 7 190 000.00
Project Coordinator Gaudenzio Meneghesso (University of Padova)
Project Officer Martyn Chamberlain (DG Research and Innovation, Unit D3 - Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies)