Kyushu University

In 1911, Kyushu Imperial University, along with the colleges of medicine and engineering, were established. The Research Institute for Applied Mechanics (RIAM) was established in 1951, and consists of three research divisions ((1) Divisions of Renewable Energy Dynamics, (2) Division of Earth Environment Dynamics, and (3) Division of Nuclear Fusion Dynamics) as well as the three research centers of (i) Renewable Energy Center, (ii) Center for East Asian Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics, and (iii) Advanced Fusion Research Center. In 1997, RIAM was recognized as an interuniversity collaboration research institute and became a Center of Excellence (COE), nationally promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan. The Co-Investigator (Yoshihiro Kangawa) belongs to both Division (1) and Research Center (i) in RIAM. One of the objectives of this division/center is material development for renewable energy generation and energy saving. On the other hand, the main objective of the InRel-NPower project is to develop GaN- and AlN-based power devices and bringing the wide band gap (WBG) semiconductors power devices another step towards the wide usability in the energy saving environment exploiting the full potential of this semiconductor material. The objective of the affiliated division/center and that of the project match with each other.