Mie University

Co-Investigator (Hideto Miyake) belongs to Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies (RIS), Mie Univ., Japan. What does “Regional Innovation” mean? Today regional organizations including companies, firms, industries, and associations are in a global business environment and are trying to create new ideas for products and/or business to be competitive in this environment. Such activity of regional organization is innovation from regional sites to the global business world, that is, regional innovation. Mie University is located in Tsu, Mie. Mie Prefecture is included in Tokai region, which is located in central Japan. The largest major city in the region is Nagoya, birthplace of blue LED (Light Emitting Diode) composed of III-nitride semiconductors. Therefore, there are some prosperous companies fabricating III-nitride devices. The main objectives of Co-Investigator (HM), in this region/organization, are innovation in (1) semiconductor engineering, (2) growth of III-nitride semiconductors, and (3) its device application. The mission of Co-Investigator (HM) correspond with those of this project.

Website: http://www.mie-u.ac.jp/