Publication in Platinum - Business Leaders

The Italian journal Platinum – Aziende & Protagonisti (Platinum – Business Leaders, in its English version) has published a one-page article on InRel-NPower in the issue of March 2017 under the “Research & Innovation” section of the magazine dedicated to the scientific disclosure of big projects. This issue has a special focus on "the Energy of the Future". The topic is at the centre of discussion of the research world and is the 2017 Expo's theme in Astana ("Future Energy"). The International Exposition theme aims to create a global debate between countries, nongovernmental organizations, companies and the general public on the crucial question: "how do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing CO2 emissions?".

You can read the article through their website, at page 70 of the English issue of March 2017 or by clicking here