Padova University

The Department of Information Engineering - DEI was formed by staff originally based at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The Institute, in turn, had evolved from the Chair of Electrical Engineering founded at Padova University’s Engineering Faculty in 1903.The courses for the Laurea Degree of Industrial Electrical Engineering were first taught in Padova in 1928.The courses for the Laurea Degree in Electronic Engineering and Electrical Engineering began in 1960. Since the 1950s, research and teaching activities have mainly been devoted to Electrical Engineering, including Electrical Measurements, Electrical Machines, and Electrical Power Plants. Electronics and Telecommunications have received increasing emphasis since the 1960s, along with Computer Science and Control Engineering. Other areas gained the attention of researchers, including Biomedical Engineering, Speech and Music Analysis and Synthesis, Physical Electronics, and Electromagnetism.In 1980, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was split into two separate departments: Electrical Engineering (DIE) and Electronics and Informatics (DEI). On June 1, 2002, the Department of Electronics and Informatics changed its name to the Department of Information Engineering.

Microelectronics group at University of Padova has been studying GaN device reliability since 1999, initially focusing on microwave devices, and more recently on high voltage devices for power switching applications, thanks to extensive cooperation with American, European and Japanese industrial and Academic laboratories.

Contact: Gaudenzio Meneghesso